1. Can the Drug be used during mensturation?
Answer: Drug can only be used before or after mensturation.
2.Can I have sexduring my therapy?
Answer: Sex is only needed from the same day of delivery and consisttently too.
3. If I start mensturation after the therapy, can I still have sex?
Answer: It is not advisable however, if your ovulation falls within the therapy you cannot mensurate as your matured eggs would have been evacuated with discharge during the therapy.
4. Since am not in your country, how can I get the drug?
Answer: You can send your money by western union money transfer to: Adetunji Dare Williams. 55, Olusegun Osoba Road, Oke-Ilewo, Abeokuta  Ogun State, Nigeria .
Send the transfer code to my WhatsApp number +2348102131784, alternatively transfer to :
Account Name : Natureline Healthcare Service.
Account Number : 1015996971
Bank : Zenith Bank.
5. What if my spouse is not available and I want take the therapy?
Answer:  You can order a vibrator dildo as substitute for the male penis, or wait for your spouse’s return.
6. Can a pregnant woman use the drug?
Answer: This is not appropriate as the Risk of complications is very high.
7. Do I have to use the 12 tabletsbat once for multipule fibroids?
Answer: Therapy is repeated until all is removed.
8. How do I unblock myblocked tubes?
Answer: Buy  a dose of single fibroidtherapy which is 2 tablets and use only 1 tablet to unblock your tubes.
9. How longcan I get my parcel if I makepayment?
Answer: Dispatch is 3 day after payment is received and you get it within 7 days of payment.
10. Do I need other drugs with Tumorex?
Answer: Due to vaginal discomfort characterised by burning in the first 3 days, it is advisable to use any strong painkillers i’e. Brand of Ibuprofen and vaginal cream such as Optilube lubricant,
11. I have high Blood pressure, can I use the drug?
Answer: Yes but must manage your pain with strong painkillers advised by your medical personnel.. check the instructions for details.